Amazon verified review – How can you give one?

I get this question a lot. How come your review are not marked as a credible Amazon verified review even though you are a valid buyer of that product on Amazon?  You may be hit with an error from Amazon that you can’t leave any review yet.  So what can you do?

Well in this article, I give the quick and easy solution to overcome this.

What is the requirements to give Amazon verified review?

Below is what you may get from Amazon when you try to leave a product review:

“To submit reviews, customers must make a minimum amount of valid debit or credit card purchases. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the purchase minimum. For more information, see our Customer Review Guidelines.”

how to leave Amazon verified reviewBelow is what Amazon states on their website:

“To contribute to Customer Reviews or Customer Answers, Spark, or to follow other contributors, you must have spent at least $50 on using a valid credit or debit card. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $50 minimum. In addition, to contribute to Spark you must also have a paid Prime subscription (free trials do no qualify). You do not need to meet this requirement to read content posted by other contributors or post Customer Questions, create or modify Profile pages, Lists, or Registries.”

Basically what Amazon requires is that the buyer must have spent at least US$50 in the past 12 months before he/she can leave an Amazon verified review.

If you think about it, this make sense.  This helps to reduce the case where some people employed a group of freelancers to leave good reviews for their own products.  Amazon top priority is to have good customer experiences.  So this type of gaming the system approach is definitely a no-no.

So how can you leave a verified review the correct way?

Well I can think one legitimate way.

Step 1: Buy an Amazon eGift card of US$50

Step 2: Send the eGift Card to yourself. Wait for 1 day (I recall I did that).

Step 3: Buy the products which you wanted

Step 4: You can then write the review for the product.  My advice is don’t write this review immediately on same day that you bought the item.  You would need at least one day to actually use the product, right?  Else it will appear like a fake review to Amazon.  Well, that’s my feel anyway.

That’s it.  Just 4 simple steps.  You only need to do this once.

To Your Success,
Keith Choy

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