10 Low Content Book Niches That Can Make You Money – KDP Niche Research

If you have been self-publishing for a while, you will surely have come across publishing low content book. Through the Amazon KDP publishing platform, it is now much easier to publish this type of book. However low content book have many niches and not all are profitable.  Hence, you need to do some research before spending time on creating the book.

And this is where most beginners trip over.  A tip, always publish a book which people wants and are willing to pay for.  Here’s where the video below comes in to give you a head-start to this. It gives an awesome angle for killing KDP low no content book creation. This is more do-able and achievable.

Low Content Book Niches That Can Make You Money

Let’s look at 10 different low content book niches that will easily make you $500 per month. Sometimes it’s easier to create multiple books making a smaller amount of money, rather than trying to get one book to rank in a highly competitive niche.

If you’re looking to make money online with KDP low content book publishing then the books and niches I look at today will be a great start for you.

These are all good ideas for such book and some with monthly searches around 50 to 70 thousands.

One Concern On These Low Content Book Niches

10 low content book nichesMy only concern is the assumption of $2 per sale profit. If you look at a lot of the books showcased in the video, they’re selling at $4.99 or lower. Prices like that do not capture a $2 per book profit, but rather $0.50 or lower per book. This cuts the profit of many of the books showcased to $125 per month, which still isn’t bad at all, but nowhere near $500 as claimed.

From my experience, most book can only capture a $2 per book profit if they are priced at least over $6.99.   So you might want to review and adjust that for your own book during publishing on the KDP platform.

Happy Publishing!

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