Here’s my favorite resources and tools used in Infoprenur:

Free and Paid Book Promotion Services

Reedsy vast database of free and paid book promotion services.

127+ Top Free and Paid Book Promotion Sites compiled by Kindleprenuer. Great list.

Tools for Generating Book Titles

1.For non-fiction titles:

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Adazing’s Book Title Creator

Kopy Writing Kourse Book Name Generator

Awesome Titles Title Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

2.For fantasy titles:

Random Story Title Generator 2.0

Fantasy Name Generator

Reedsy Fantasy Title Generator

Random Fantasy Novel Title Generator 

Serendipity Fantasy Novel Generator

Writing Exercises Story Title Ideas

3.For Sci-Fi titles:

Random Story Title Generator

Pulp Sci-fi Title-O-Tron

Reedsy Sci-Fi Book Title Generator

Random Sci-fi Title Generator

Space Adventure Title Generator

Obscure Hub Sci-Fi Title Gen

Story Toolz Half Title Generator

Book Title Creator 

4.For Horror titles:

Random Story Title Generator

Fantasy Name Generator 

Generator Land’s Horror Titles

Writing Exercises Story Title Ideas

5.For Romantic titles:

Random Romance Novel Title Generator

Reedsy Romance Title Generator

Kitt Net’s Book Title Romance

Randomly Generated Titles

Amaze Story Titles

Fantasy Name Generator

Writing Exercises Story Title Ideas

Book Title Creator 

6.For Mystery Novel titles

Reedsy Mystery Title Generator

Starman Series Mystery Title Generator

Story Toolz Half Title Generator

Randomly Generated Titles

Fantasy Name Generator

7.For Crime Book titles

Reedsy Crime Title Generator

Mad Lib Thriller Title Generator

Amaze Story Titles

Tara Sparling’s Crime Thriller Book Title Generator

8.For Children Book titles

Fantasy Name Generator

Story Title Ideas for Kids Books

Kids Book Title Pinterest Page

9.For Comic Book titles

Rum and Monkey’s Comic Book Name Generator

Ruggen Berg’s Title Generator

Super Hero Name Gens

Fantasy Generators List of Names

Tools for Generating Character Names

1.For author name:

Random Name Generator

2.For fantasy character name:

Fantasy Name Generator by RinkWorks

Fantasy Name Gen

Seventh Sanctum Name Gen

3.For Sci-Fi character name:

Fantasy Name Gen

4.For Horror character name:

Seventh Sanctum’s Evil Names

5.For other character name:

Book Character Name Generator

Fake Name Generator’s Chinese Name Generator

Tools for Generating Plot Ideas

1.For Horror plot:

Plot-Generator for Horror Stories

Tools for Generating Book Covers

1.For online tools for creating book cover:


DIY Book Design

2.For online editing of PSD files and creating Infographics:



Recommended Sites For Images

Freepik – has lots of free as well as paid images for commercial use. Can try the yearly subscription for unlimited downloads for about 2+ months ago.

Depositphotos – usually have good sales once or twice a year and I would order fairly large quantity (downloadable anytime).

Dreamstime – another good site for royalty-free images.

iStockPhoto – this is what I started with.

Recommended next step

How to turn your Kindle eBook into a Print Book – this is a great summary of what to do.