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Here’s my favorite resources used in my Singapore Property ventures. This is not applicable for properties in other countries. I broke this down to the following categories:

My favorite Property references
Interior Design and Staging Services
Property Related Courses
Property Hunting
Singapore Property Research
Where to Shop for Furniture
Partners on Property journey

Here’s my favorite reference on Property:

PropertyLimBrothers Youtube channel has provided a lot of useful insights on the market trend in Singapore.

URA Co-living explanation and the condition to be met.

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) details from IRAS.  Note that decoupling is only allowed for private property in order to avoid ABSD. It is not applicable for HDB. More details can be found here.

URA summary of non-residential properties.

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Interior Design and Staging Services:

Ferns and Philo staging services

Bespoke Habitat (only for partners)

Cheong Chen reno+carpentry work

Jesigns Interior Design

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Property Related Courses:

Proptiply has a series of courses (in person and online).  They included courses on Co-living investment bootcamp and industrial property investment

Marko & Friends has a great community and weekly calls after their 3-days in person bootcamp covering investment into Residential, Industrial and Commercial properties.  Their facebook page is also a good reference.

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Property Hunting:

Below are websites which I used for property hunting

Property Guru – for residential property.  To hunt for rental property, I used this filter.

Commercial Guru – for industrial and commercial property. – for residential, industrial and commercial property.  To hunt for rental property, I used this filter.

SRX – for residential property, industrial and commercial property.

EdgeProp – for residential, industrial and commercial property. I used this filter to hunt for rental property.

Rent In Singapore – for residential property. I used this filter to hunt for unit in the West (as an example)

A neat Whatsapp hack that I use to contact agent without having to add their contact to my phone is using the following format: (replace xxxxxxxx with agent phone number)

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Singapore Property Research:

Square Foot provides in-depth data on trends, property market pricing etc

URA rental contracts transaction – for private property

URA private property sales transaction

SRX X-Value valuation to get valuation

Check if condo put up for en-bloc – EdgeProp tool

Rental for single room of condos from and Bespoke Habitat

Rental for single room in HDB from PropertyGuru and

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Where to Shop for Furniture:

Below are where I shop for furniture and housing items:





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Partners on Property journey:

Sing Capital – Mortgage broker that I consulted with (can look for Ms Jean Kwek)

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