Stock Trading

Here’s my favorite resources on Stock Trading:

All Financial Matters does an excellent job of using charts and data to show how low-cost investing beats brokers.

Dr Wealth is a great compilation on trading outlooks and tips. Also updated on the current environment happenings.

Financial Joy Club by Sean Seah has a good free course called “Wealth Hacks” on building your own passive income.

Here’s my favorite blogs on Dividend Stock:

Dividend Warrior regularly blogs about dividend investing, his investing strategies, and his investing mentality. A firm believer of using a systematic approach towards investing.

Lady You Can Be Free – Unlike most other bloggers, she’s clearly separated her portfolios by strategy. Her US stocks represent her growth strategy and her SG stocks represent her income strategy.

A Path To Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs) is by Brian Halim and he’s targeting retirement by age 35. A fundamentals-based investor, he believes in buying good businesses that are undervalued which provide dividends.

Dividend Aristocrats List contains around 50 companies in the S&P 500 Index that have increased dividends every year for the last 25 straight years.  This is a great list to refer for your own portfolio building.

Trading Tools:

Jitta offer a great free online tool and does all the hardwork by ranking the list of stocks in 9 markets against their computed value.  Use this as a reference to guide in your trading decision. Jitta Score is the number representing the business performance of the company for the past 10 years on a scale from one to 10. The higher the score, the better the company. Having a Jitta Score of more than seven consistently means the company can increase market share and generate more profit.

StockCharts is the first online tool that I use each morning to have a quick check on my stocks.  It is simple and fast.

Trading Platforms which I have used personally are:

OptionsXpress – I started with this platform and love it until it was bought over by Schwab

Charles Schwab (SG) – I like this platform and the support system in place. Hence, it was sad to see them closing up their Singapore office by end Dec 2019 and moving out. But nevertheless, a good platform. For those interested, can still go to their US website to register.

TD Ameritrade (SG) – I migrated to this platform from the one above. Hear lots of good reviews for them. [Update as at Dec 2019] Guess what.  Charles Scbwab has bought over TD Ameritrade.  So I am back with the same platform again.   🙂

Interactive Brokers – I started using this broker after I hear about the tools and low commission rates.  I am also able to integrate robot trader with this broker through its API.  Hence do check it out.