Why 99.9% of PLR is Just WRONG

Do you know what’s wrong with most of the Private Label Rights (PLR) out in the market?

Most PLR are false advertising.

You have been sold many times that “Just change the author’s name to your own and you’re good to go!

That’s Bull#@*%!

99.9% of it is written by clueless ghostwriters locked in dark caves who get paid by the word.  I know this as I have been fooled many times myself.

This is what I found out the hard way:

A: They know practically nothing about real-world marketing, yet here they are creating PLR for Internet marketers.

B: It’s written so poorly NO ONE will want to read it, including you, so now you’ve got to REWRITE it.

C: Since they don’t know what they’re writing about, you’ll have to fact check EVERYTHING.

You’d be better off starting from SCRATCH.

And THAT, my friend, is why I don’t recommend 99.9% of PLR out there.

That said, there is an occasional exception, rare as they are.

And I’ve found just ONE of those exceptions so far this year.

This PLR is one of those exception that I found!

I am referring to PLR to this IM monthly Newsletter that you can proudly put your name to it.

This quality PLR has been around a few years and the membership is growing year-on-year.

This is a rare chance to get PLR rights of a 32+ page Internet Marketing MEMBERS ONLY newsletter that was NEVER EVER EVER meant to be PLR.

It was written exclusively for a small insider’s group of marketers and not meant to be seen by outsiders.

Yet here is the chance – the RARE chance – to grab your access to this monthly 32+page magazine package.

This is PLR so good, no one, and I mean NO ONE, will ever suspect it’s PLR.

Real World Strategies that you can sell as your own

These are real world strategies for online marketing that have been personally used by the author, tested, and proven to work. It’s backed by stats, data and personal experiences, not made up by some clueless ghostwriter locked in a closet somewhere.

This stuff WORKS, and it will blow not only your mind but the minds of your readers and your customers as well.

Plus there’s IM news, free resources, brilliant (and profitable) ideas and more.

This is what you can do with this PLR

You can use the prime content to do the following:

  • Produce your own monthly newsletter or magazine (template included)
  • Extract and combine various segments and make into your own special reports / products
  • Write engaging emails for your list
  • Break it up and make into blog-posts
  • Use the content and create videos on your YouTube channel
  • Convert into e-courses or webinars
  • … and much more.

You get full PLR to all the content, but it’s for an EXTREMELY limited time that you can now join for a $1 trial to check out the content first.

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To Your Success,
Keith Choy

P.S. The problem with ordinary PLR is that it’s written to be PLR. This means anything goes, anything is acceptable, and it’s basically rubbish meant to fill up 50 pages and look halfway decent.

But readers know a good product from a bad product.

Your readers will know if you try to pass off crappy PLR on them.

And they will NOT forgive you.

That’s why when these extremely rare chances come along to get truly First Class Content that was NEVER, EVER meant to be PLR, you’ve got to GRAB them.

This is a package that delivers over 32+ pages per month. Just think what you can accomplish, what you can do, how much you can make and how far ahead you will be with that Prime Grade-A content at your disposal.

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