Watch This On How To Re-Brand, Re-Market Your Product For Success

Re-brand, Re-market Your Big Idea

This short 6.5 minute fun video shows you some of the secrets about how marketers make you buy what they want you to buy. Although this is for the Food industry, the ideas presented can be applied to any niche. In my line of work, I often look at what other industries are doing that are useful for my niche, I believe you can also benefit from this.

The first idea on how they re-branded and re-marketed “Diamond Shaped Shreddies” without making any changes was quite useful. All it needs was a change in perspective. Watch it for other useful ideas that you can use.

There are 3 techniques shared in the video above.  Technique No 3 is something which you might not expect.

  • Technique No 1 is on Branding
  • Technique No 2 is on Focus On Progress – the idea here is to make your customer feel comfortable about what they are seeing and reading through positive words
  • Technique No 3 is on using the Power of Willful Ignorance

Actually if you watch all the way to end of video, you will see the actual message of this video.  It is not about marketing.  There is a deeper message which left the audience speechless.  Nevertheless, the way the speaker presented the ideas and deliver the final message is something which you might want to use in the marketing of your niche.  That is the lesson (beside the message) that we can learn here.