The Secret Weapon of the Experts Can Now Be Yours for $1?

Great content is now a requirement to compete and succeed online in the digital marketing space.

If you’re trying to do it all by yourself, you’re going to struggle.

You’ve basically got 2 choices when it comes to great content.

Your First Choice

You can outsource the work to someone.

Go to Upwork, Freelancer or any of those other sites and search through the writers. Eventually, after weeks or months of trial and error (and some wasted gigs), you will find someone suited to do the job – maybe even several people.

The next step is to now train them to write great online content for you. And expect to pay them at least several hundred dollars a month each, if not more, as you continue to teach them what you want them to do.

Your Second Choice – The choice which ‘smart marketers‘ make.

Let a real pro handle your new marketing content creation for you.

Without any hassles whatsoever.

That’s why the
 Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR content is second to none in the industry.

In fact, not only will your readers be entertained and learn new skills every time they read your newsletter – we’re betting that you’ll be impressed with your new found knowledge too.

Imagine being a total hero to your readers, subscribers, prospects and customers.

And imagine being the authority they look to for the latest news and techniques of Internet Marketing.

Yes, YOU! 🙂

Together with their in-house design team, they’re going to be working over-time to make you look like a star to your audience.

They’ll never know that all you do is put your own name on the cover and nothing else.

You do none of the research.

You do none of the writing.

They’ll do it all for you.

This is a rare chance to full private label rights to premium content that was never ever meant to be PLR. 
(this is a secret weapon that the gurus use)

And get access to it all right now for just $1 (what?)

It was originally written exclusively for a small insider’s group of marketers and not meant to be seen by outsiders.

This is PLR so good, no one, and I mean NO ONE, will ever suspect it’s PLR.

These are real world strategies for online marketing that have been personally used by the author, tested, and proven to work.

It’s backed by stats, data and personal experiences, not made up by some clueless ghostwriter locked in a closet somewhere.

This stuff WORKS, and it will blow not only your mind but the minds of your readers and your customers as well.

Plus there’s marketing news, free resources, brilliant (and profitable) ideas and more.

You can use the prime content to produce your own monthly newsletter or magazine (template included) or to make products, write emails, make blog posts, create videos, do e-courses, webinars, whatever you like within their terms.

You get full PLR to all the content, but it’s for an EXTREMELY limited time so you’ll want to check it out right away

Oh and one more thing to keep in mind …

The problem with ordinary PLR is that it’s written to be PLR.

This means anything goes, anything is acceptable, and it’s basically rubbish meant to fill up 50 pages and look halfway decent.

But your readers know a good product from a bad product.

Your readers will know if you try to pass off crappy PLR on them.

And they will NOT forgive you.

That’s why when these extremely rare chances come along to get truly First Class Content that was NEVER, EVER meant to be PLR, you’ve got to GRAB them.

Just think what you can accomplish, what you can do, how much you can make and how far ahead you will be with that Prime Grade-A content at your disposal.

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We hope this helps you out!

To Your Success,
Keith Choy