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After my last post on why 99.9% of PLR is just wrong, I got a few questions from my list.

The top burning question from my list on my last post

I consolidate the question and paraphrase them as follow:

Keith, How do you get an IM veteran to write you 32+ pages of amazing content each and every month for less than $2 a page?

Until now, the only way I could answer that question was like this:

“At gunpoint.”

After all, why would an online marketing veteran who’s generated $millions online write PLR content?

Real answer: He wouldn’t.

He might, however, be persuaded to sell private label rights to his members only monthly newsletter, (The Internet Marketing Newsletter).

And that is EXACTLY what is happening right NOW.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLRWhat is The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR?

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR is like none other because:

1. It’s written by an IM professional and his team, not clueless ghostwriters.

2. This is content originally written exclusively for his $97+ a month subscribers, never intending to release the rights to it. It’s that good.

3. EACH ISSUE is in a 32+ page glossy e-magazine format – no other IM newsletter or magazine comes close to the size or quality of The Internet Marketing Newsletter.

4. This does something ordinary publications don’t do – it teaches REAL methods for making REAL money online.

5. The Internet Marketing Newsletter contains the latest Internet marketing news, resources, proven techniques and  profitable methods for marketing online in every single issue

6. This can be used in magazine format with a ready PDF you can distribute, along with its editable .doc file – just change the magazine name and author’s name to your own – excellent for list building – or just deliver it as is!

7. You can also break this up and convert into blog, posts, products, emails, articles, autoresponder sequences, videos, e-courses, etc. The ONLY limit is that you cannot resell rights to it.

Here’s your chance to grab this $1 trial

Members still pay $97+ per month for this content elsewhere, but for A FEW DAYS ONLY you can get full Private Label Rights to it for just $1.50 PER PAGE.

And from now till Thursday, you can try it out for just $1.  Even without the trial, it is still a great offer to check out.

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Second top question from my list on this PLR

The 2nd top question I receive is …

“What can I do with the content published to The Internet Marketing Newsletter & Podcast PLR site?”

Well the easiest way I can answer it is by extracting the licensing terms and conditions from their membership site directly and paste below for your reference:

Remember that from now till Thursday, you can try this PLR out for just $1.  Even without the trial, it is still a great deal to check out.

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To Your Success,
Keith Choy

P.S. Why waste your time writing IM content that may not work, when you can ‘hire’ a pro to create hot money-generating IM content for you, for just pennies?

Writing sucks.

You know it and I know it.

Would you like to know the REAL secret to business success?

It’s working ON your business instead of slaving away IN your business.

Stop wasting your time creating mediocre content and start making money today.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR

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