Tony Robbins Sales Coaching Rare Video

This is a rare video showing Tony Robbins sales training during his earlier days when he was selling cassette tapes door to door.  The techniques that he shared are still very relevant today.

What Is Covered In Tony Robbins Sales Training?

The 4 steps in this video covers:

1. Framing questions,

2. Clarifying objections (like you mean you don’t have a tape player?)

3. Isolating (are you just saying that, or do you mean it?)

4. Hard Closing “well, here is a tape player for you”.

Tony is still doing the same psychology of the sale today, just a lot more smoother.

In the Tony Robbins Sales training above, do look out for key points on:

1.  How he use free gifts to open door

2.  How to induce reciprocation

3.  How to use the As-If framework

4.  Doing small steps commitement

5.  How to do Hard Close (after convictions are made).  Personally I feel this step is questionable as integrity is lacking in this approach.  Hence, Tony mentioned he is also not doing this step anymore.  Instead, he would ask for referral instead of taking advantage of the client.

To Your Success,
Keith Choy

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