My 4th Book YouTube Leads Machines Just Launched!

YouTube Leads Machines

I am so excited to have just launched my YouTube Leads Machines in this Leads Machines series. And I am running a limited-time only promotion🪂

Introducing …


Want to generate more responsive leads online without wasting colossal amount of time? Have you tried lead generation through hundreds of dollars on ads without any real success? If so, then you’re just one click away from being able to create a lead machine that actually works for your business.

YouTube Leads Machines will reveals the simple blueprint to build your own YouTube leads machines that other marketers don’t want you to know!

And Here’s How You Can Do It Too…

Inside this book, you’ll uncover the following:

In Chapter 1: Chasing The YouTube Dream (And Turning It Into A Reality)

You’ll also discover how to stand out from other YouTubers to get more subscribers/leads, more views, more engagement and more profits. Plus you’ll find out what’s really required of you to get your YouTube dreams off the ground – the sky is the limit when you follow these steps!

In Chapter 2: Revealed – Top 19 Types of Awesome “Keep ‘em Glued to Their Seat” Videos That Work in Any Niche

How do the world’s top YouTubers hook their viewers and keep them coming back for more? Answer: they use a wide variety of video styles and formats. Not only does this variety keep your audience coming back for more, it lets you quickly determine what your audience REALLY likes and responds to. That’s why this module covers 19 engaging video styles using 5 different formats.

In Chapter 3: Show Me The Money

There are people who are making $5000… $15,000…. $20,000 or more for every video they create! If you want to do the same thing, then you need to create an engaging video (see Module 2), and you need to know how to turn your audience’s attention into cash in the bank.

That’s where this chapter comes in.

Here you’ll discover six proven ways to make bank on every video you produce. You can even combine these methods to really blow your revenue out of the water!

In Chapter 4: Building Your YouTube Channel on a Firm (and Profitable) Foundation

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Inside this chapter, you’ll get a crash course in setting up your YouTube business the RIGHT way. This includes:

• Setting up your channel and picking the right name, graphics, branding and more to attract your ideal audience!

• Creating videos of the right length in order to get the most shares, engagement and profit!

• How to craft irresistible video titles that your audience can’t help by click on!

• How to craft a description and choose a thumbnail that makes it nearly impossible for your audience to click away without watching your video!

Get these basics down by studying this chapter, and you’ll be miles ahead of 95% of your competition!

In Chapter 5: Advanced Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for Turning You Into a YouTube Super Star

Here are 10 secrets that will put you on the path to success:

• The Subscriber Boost

• The Super Star Strategy

• The Animated Advertiser

• The Abrupter

• The Profit Automizer

• The Profitable Premiere Strategy

• The Piggyback

• The View Amplifier

• The Enhancer

• The Open-Book Strategy



– If you’ve been looking to generate more leads from YouTube, this book is for you

– If you want to build an audience on social media, this book is for you

– If you want to get your ideal customers to be responsive to you, this book is for you



So if you want to get more leads from your own YouTube Leads Machines, click on the link below and go over to Amazon today and BUY this book now while the promotional price is still on!

Click Here To Get This Book!

To Your Success,
Keith Choy

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