Marketing Strategy That Requires No Budget in 2020

For those looking for Marketing Strategy That Requires No Budget in 2020, this article is for you. If you have been on my list since like forever, you know that I have been doing marketing since 2000s. Boy, it was almost 20 years already and I am still learning new things.

For this new 2020, I am continuing my marketing in niche market (eg. photography). And in the video below, Gary cover what I think is the best wide base of areas like influencer marketing, underpriced attention scaling a personal brand, what is the best channel in 2020 to market (hint: I started on this in 2019), strategy to start off with a new product and much more. Bring your pen out and take down some notes.

Below are the TIMESTAMPS:

1:10 – How did I scale when I had no money?
3:50 – What I’m most proud of in business
8:08 —————————Q&A—————————
8:12 – Should I partner with someone or start doing digital by myself?
13:18 – What advice would you give entrepreneurs in Asia to build their personal brand?
19:30 – What’s the next move if I’m planning to sell my company?
22:58 – How do I scale my personal brand now that I’m ready?
29:43 – How to get clients on board to create more content?
32:58 – Why do you mean when you say “fuck 7-day trials”?
37:30 – You now have a Spanish YT page, is creating content in Spanish the right move for companies?

40:45 – Will we have Kosher Empathy Wine?
41:45 – Why are your curse words bleeped out on LinkedIn?
42:50 – If people don’t pay for it, I feel like they don’t value my additional service.. Where do you draw the line?
44:53 – Tips for influencer marketing
47:10 – How do you convince brands to spend on TikTok?
48:40 – What’s the strategy to start off with a new product?
50:33 – What would you do if you were to start a media company today?
53:25 – How to create a voice-first discovery platform
56:18 – How do you transition your clients to an accounts manager?
59:52 – How do you negotiate business deals when clients try to lowball your price?
1:01:54 – What was the mindset shift you had once you started to work with the Fortune 500s?

LinkedIn – The Platform To Use

One of the uprising social media marketing platform Gary highly recommend in this video in … LinkedIn. I guess I may be onto something here as I focus on this platform last year in 2019 when I published the first book in a series called “LinkedIn Leads Machines” on Amazon. That book also got quite a few good reviews as well. You might want to check it out.

To Your Success,
Keith Choy

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