MageOmegaX review and sneak peek into Member Area

MageOmegaX retail funnel

Welcome to my MageOmegaX review and a sneak peek into the member area.

I will be sharing with you on the following 4 points so that you have a better idea if this is for you:

First, I will tell you what this product is about and how to get started quickly by leveraging on the first 4 done-for-you funnels.  I will also tell you what this is not.

Second, I give you sneak peek of the member area

Third, I will talk about the prices

Forth, I will also give you an overview of this product before giving you my personal thoughts on it.

So let’s begin …

Check out my video review of this product.

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What is this product about?

MageOmegaX is created by Greg Jacobs.  This is actually the second version of his previous MageOmega product.

Many years ago, I bought Greg WPMage and CPMage systems and had great success with it before I got hit by the infamous Google-slap. Very big bumper!  But since then, I have move on.

So when this MageOmegaX came out, I decided to give it a look. First off, MageOmegaX is totally different from WPMage and CPMage systems.

WPMage and CPMage builds WordPress blogs with great content and videos to monetize products offerings.

MageOmegaXMageOmegaX on the other hand is about building each funnel to sell ONE physical product with a very clever way to do upsell of a related product. Greg calls this the Rapid Deployment Single Product Funnels (RDSPF) System.

This MageOmegaX training and do-it-for-you system is the latest e-commerce (also called ecom) drop-shipping blueprint. It contains almost 30 hours of content rich training. To help you get started, they will help to build the first 4 funnels for you based on products that they have identified.  If you have your own products, you can also get them to use one of those first 4 quotas.  I would highly recommend you go with their suggestion first if you are just starting out.  However, do note that this is NOT an A to Z e-commerce course.

It is about concentrating on single product funnel with the first aim to make $20,000 profit and moving upwards by scaling up.

Do note that in a typical e-commerce business, typically only 1 out of 5 products will be a winner. So in order to identify winners, e-commerce owners need to test fast and test cheaply.

With typical Amazon or Shopify shops, although the returns are huge, the risk is high too as the testing takes a long time and each test (ie. putting up products) runs into thousands.

With MageOmegaX, members can have the following benefits:

1. Make 4x Profit using RDSPF

2. No need to any huge e-commerce store

3. Zero technical knowledge required

4. No need to spend too much money. When I scanned through, the lowest running cost is needed for the funnel system and domain name. Each test can also be completed with $20 (more if you want)

5. They will build your first funnel within 72 hours (during peak period) for you. They will build up to 4 funnels for you based on products that they have tested or identified. Once you are familiar with process, you can continue to build more funnels and continue with your tests. Don’t worry about choosing products, they have 2 videos to show you how to choose the niche and products.

6. the system is newbie and expert friendly.

Sneak peek in member areas and pricing details

To get sneak peek in the member areas, the pricing details and my personal thoughts on this, please see my video review below:

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What I like about this Product:

1. It is very easy to get started with 1 Product, 1 Upsell and a Funnel that is tweaked and tested many times already

2. Easy learning curve with 30+ hours training (vs the long hours to setup traditional e-Commerce store)

3. They will setup the first 4 funnels for you. You can just copy and change to add on more funnels and offerings.

4. You don’t need to spend months learning how to use Amazon, Shopify, sourcing for products and testings.

What I don’t like about this Product:

1. When I first enter the member area, honestly I was overwhelmed and lost initially. After the first 4 videos and PDFs, then I started to understand the step-by-step process required.

2. There is running cost for the 3rd party funnel hosting provider (though it is small compare to the revenue coming in after you build many funnels). But come to think about it, this is a lot cheaper than running a tradtional e-commerce website and this is laser-focus.

Well at the end of day, you have to decide if this is something for you. If you wants a fast done-for-you start into e-commerce business that you can start with low cost, this one is for you. It is tested by many previous version owners and this second version is much improved version.

Take pleasure in MageOmegaX training and be prepared to scale up fast once you started.

To your success,
Keith Choy

P.S.  Thanks for reading my MageOmegaX review and see you in the next one.