Low Content Publishing Success in 2022 Via 5 Steps

Low Content Publishing

This is a followup to my 2021 post on low content publishing success.  Times sure flies.  In this updated video, Rachel goes over the 5 steps needed to succeed in 2022.

What Is Low Content Publishing About?

In case you are not familiar, let me give a short summary on what low content publishing is about.  This basically the creation of low content books.

Low content books are paperback or hardcover books that contain little to no text or images. They provide the reader with guided content like journals, recipe books, planners, guest books etc.  As these books usually require less than a few hours to create, you can spend more time in the creation of quality to achieve four-figure income every month.  From experiences, with good quality, it takes about 100+ low content content book to achieve 4-figure income after 5 to 6 months.   Your achievements may differ.

With the above said, let’s dive in.

Here’s 5 Steps To Low Content Publishing Success In 2022

In summary, the 5 steps are as follow:
(1:10 mark) Step 1: Have a Positive Growth Mindset
(2:31 mark) Step 2: Think long term. This takes time, efforts and patience
(3:55 mark) Step 3: Produce Quantity and Quality
(7:48 mark) Step 4: Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors
(8:44 mark) Step 5: Have Promotion Plan in place

For each of those steps, Rachel share some useful pointers on how to improve success rate in low content book publishing.  Do spend some time to take some useful notes from each of the steps.

Happy Publishing in 2022!

To Your Success,
Keith Choy

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