Jumping off the “fence” – Free MageOmegaX Training Webinar (only for 2 days)

MageOmegaX review webnar

I just have to point out that usually when you get on a “Training webinar”, it is good high level overview of something followed by an intense sales pitch which is ok and to be expected.

However, I found this high value webinar on MageOmegaX where the speaker didn’t do this. Which is quite refreshing!

[Sidenote: To understand what MageOmegaX can do for you, read my MageOmegaX review blog post at here.]

In this intensive note-taking webinar, we had almost 2 FULL hours of details content and Q+A.  Do stay till the end for a nice offer (you will be happy for discount coupon that Greg has agreed to give to his attendees).

In this awesome and intense training, the speaker covers:

– the nuts and bolts of one of the templates used in MageOmegaX

– then delved deep into product research (this is very insightful)

– it was quite interactive with lots of back and forth with the audience.

I got permission from the Greg that I can offer you this replay and the discount coupon this page so you can check it


But do keep in mind that this is closing on Tuesday. So go over there now to see this content-rich training and the price discount before it is taken down


So if you like what you see, then it is time to run to action. Ok- see you on the inside

To your success,
Keith Choy

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