Intent Based Branding And Behind The Scenes

For those who knows Frank Kern, he is a great marketer who has “retired” from the main Internet Marketing scene and do mostly his own products and promotions. Recently in the past 1 month, he has been testing using the Social Media (instead of email marketing) to promote his new concept call “Intent Based Branding”. In the video below, he shares the results and some of the approaches he use in promotion his books and classes. A very good sharing, take out your pen and take some serious notes.

There are 3 main pillars to his approach, namely:

1. Organic Posts (“Regular Style” Posts That you don’t pay for)

2. Assets (The Content you create today lives on Forever.)

3. Paid Ads

For the first Pillar (at 7:02). Franks shares how he uses the social media collectively to drive traffic to his offer. Note:Every post that is made drive traffic to the offer. For Frank, he heavily uses Facebook Live Video which he re-post on Youtube, Instagram and Podcast. Don’t worry if you do not have a lot of followers. The trick here is to do this consistently for next 7 days to increase “Engagement” and “Reach”. Organic reach is dead. But Facebook Live Video will give you the best “Engagement”. Facebook will show it to more viewers.

PIllar 1 – Using social media to drive to regular post and offer

Moving forth, in every of your new Facebook post, you need to cover the 3 key points below:

1. Provide value

2. Build goodwill

3. Make an Offer

Then you take that content and put it all over every social media platform you can. This includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Podcast etc. Do this consistently for 1 month and the traffic to your offer will grow.

In addition, after about a month, you take the stuff that’s working best and you turn it into an ad campaign. This part is optional though.

That’s the short summary of the video. Go watch it now to help you grow your business this year today onwards.

To your success!