How US President Election Impact The Stock Market (View 2)

The US president election is just over a week away. What are the possible outcomes that will emerge from this big event, and how is the market poised to move with each of the likely scenarios?

How will each candidate’s policies and intentions impact the market as we move beyond the “K-shaped recovery” of 2020, considering the progress of the Covid-19 vaccines, government stimulus and the US-China tensions?

In this second view that I have here is an update from my another closely followed mentor, Robin Ho.  It is well researched.

Given this backdrop, you might want to analyze further into the stocks highlighted in the video below on potential opportunities.  But remember to do your own analysis first before you commit to any trade.

Interesting observation:

An interesting note I picked up at the 4minutes mark in the video below is learning that the betting market (over the years) appear to be a good indicator of who will win.  Well we will get to see that on 3 Nov 2020 if this will continue to hold true.

US President Election Impact on The Stock Market:

Take some notes from the video below and plan your trading plans accordingly.  I have picked out some of the nuggets below for your reference as well.  There are many more inside.

From the video at the 26 minute mark, it list down the stocks that will benefit if Biden wins.

US President Election - Stocks Benefit if Biden wins

US President Election – Stocks Benefit if Biden wins

At the 29 minutes mark, Robin summarizes the list of stocks that are in the various stages of the COVID-19 vaccines race.  I can see a few good potential here already.

List of Companies in COVID race

List of Companies in COVID race

At the 32 minutes mark, Robin also shared his view on the K-shape recovery and which are the stocks impacted.  This is a good one to review.

K Recovery

K Recovery

Other than that, he also shared on his views on gold and bitcoin.  Don’t miss out those nuggets at the end.


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