How to create a Great Name your customer can’t forget

Createing great name for your business

Do you know that by having a memorable name for your business or product, you have a higher chances of this sticking to the mind of your customers?  Think of Coca-Cola.  That sound rings and stick.  And what stick’s get more sales.

So how do you create a great name for your product or business?  Below is a great video by Eben Pagen that will give you a few great points and examples of what you can look out for.

2 key tips that I took away from this video for coming up with memorable names are:
1. Use repetitive sounds (eg Coca Cola, you snooze you lose, Black Berry)

2. Add rhythm like a song (eg. David Deangelo)

Follow the above key points and it will improve in your chances of getting more attention to your products, name or websites.

To your success,
Keith Choy