How To Build A $10 Million Business With 7 Free Reports In 18 Months

Internet Business Manifesto

One of the common questions I am asked is … does giving away free viral reports works?  My answer from my own experiences is a resounding … YES!

And if you do it right, you could build up a business using your viral reports.  A marketer who had done this well is Rich Schefren.  In a span of just 18 months, he wrote 7 free viral reports that gone on to build him a $10 million business.  The secret is he had good back-end funnels to quickly build up his list and his profits.  Some of his best reports were:

– The Internet Business Manifesto

– The Internet Business Manifesto: Missing Chapter

– The Internet Business Manifesto: Final Chapter

– The Momentum Video series

– The Profit Prescription Video series

– The Attention Age Doctrine

– The Attention Age Doctrine Vol 2: Web Marketing 2.0

– The Mavin Matrix Manifesto

– The Entrepreneur Emergency: The Uncertainty Syndrome

Below is one of the chart of Rich’s “The Internet Business Manifesto” which shows what a typical marketer tries to do … all by himself.  This is a case of really over-stretching oneself.

task picture

In the video presentation below, Rich explains how he did the 7 reports to earn him the $10 million sales and the purpose of each reports.  Take lots of notes.

If I were to summarize what you can include in your free report, it would be as follow:

1. The content which help people see their problem from a new light.  If you can show them product which can help solve that problem, you will get the sales.

2. The content which help people see their challenges and how they can overcome it (using the product which you recommend).

3. The content which can explain the problem and challenges better that they can, then you become an authority and is in a better position to help them.

The next trend is to go from viral reports to using webinar.  Through webinars, marketers like us can better track who had joined the webinar, who had skip the end, who had order etc. Hope use the same idea from the above and apply to webinar to grow your business today.

To your success,
Keith Choy