Gary Halbert – Direct Marketing Secrets Seminar

gary halbert

You must be asking … who is Gary Halbert and why should you care?

Well, Gary Halbert died on April 8, 2007. He is easily one of the top copywriters in the last 60 years.  He left behind one of the most incredible legacies in the direct marketing world, and his ideas continue to be being used by entrepreneurs to make a lot of money, today.

Gary delivers marketing information in a powerful style, without all the BS.  I personally benefited from his teachings and I am sure you will to.  Below are compilation for some of his greatest works.  Enjoy and learn from this legend.

The Gary Halbert Letters – Search through all his newsletter archives for great marketing ideas.

21 swipe of Gary’s Ads – See how he position the offer and how he write his copy.  You will definitely pick up some good points for yourself.  Do read his famous one-dollar swipe ad on that page.  This was copied by many marketers with great success.

31 minutes interview with Gary Halbert at  Michael Senoff’s – A great resources of powerful seminars.  MIchael did a great job there.  Do check out Michael’s services on how you can also become a highly-paid consultant.


Gary Halbert – Direct Marketing Secrets Seminar on YouTube – This 1 hour 10 minutes video is one of the segments from Ted Nicholas Self-Publishing Seminar.  I have included that below for your viewing.  Gary in his usual straight talking style offers good points.

To your success!