Empowering The Motivation Manifesto For Driving You To That Success You Always Wanted

The Motivation Manifesto
Get empowered by “The Motivation Manifesto” as it will help drive you to that Success which you always wanted! As I went deeper into the book I kept finding an underlying current of contempt, even hatred, for that which we are supposed to overcome. This book gives us the insights and the tools of how to overcome it.

This great book is an easy read and it listed down 9 Declarations of what you have to make for yourself if you want to succeed in this. The 9 declarations are:

Declaration 1 – Meet life with full presence and power

To experience life, you need to be empowered and be in full presence. The book listed down 6 major roles and behaviors that we should go through each day. Learn how you can move forward with the right mindset in this 6 roles, namely:
– Observer
– Director
– Guardian
– Warrior
– Lover
– Leader

Declaration 2 – Reclaim your agenda

Set the agenda for the day for yourself instead of having others set it for you. This chapter of the book reminded me of that critical point.

Declaration 3 – Defeat your demons

This chapter list down the 3 biggest demons you need to overcome. To fight them, you work on the following. Read the book to get more details:
– Transform doubt with faith
– Transform delay with action
– Transform division with love

Declaration 4 – Advance with abandon

Declaration 5 – Practice Joy and Gratitude

Declaration 6 – Do not break integrity

Integrity is what defines who we are. This book highlights the 6 practice of integrity we need to observe:
– think before we act
– never commit in anything where we lack passion
– keep our word
– always treat others with respect
– tell the truth
– always favor action

While we practise the above, we also need to be mindful that we have to avoid 7 temptations namely:
– Temptation of Impatience
– Temptation of Disappointment
– Temptation of Desperation
– Temptation of Aggression
– Temptation of Hurt
– Temptation of Loyalty
– Temptation of Power

Declaration 7 – Amplify Love

Declaration 8 – Inspire greatness

Although easy to say, this is not easy to do. But we can do this through 9 virtues of greatness, namely:
– Let us demand honesty
– Let us demand responsibility
– Let us demand intelligence
– Let us demand excellence
– Let us demand courage
– Let us demand respect for others
– Let us demand vigilance
– Let us demand service
– Let us demand unity

Declaration 9 – Slow time

Let us hold this moment for just two beats longer. Let us experience life, the feeling who we are and where we are on our path to greatness, of creating real moments. This is the best chapter that inspire me actually. As a result of this, I make a choice to slow down my time in my day job and spent more time with my family.

To experience life once more. And you can too. Get this book “The Motivation Manifesto“, read it and most importantly applied it today!