Can anyone —even YOU—write an e-book?

Article Marketing

By Joe Vitale

“Ebooks” — electronic books — are a great way for Internet Marketers to start online!

Electronic publications teach us everything from how to make money, cook delicious recipes or trace our roots to medieval royalty!

Ebooks are also, without a doubt, one of the *highest profit items* anyone can sell online.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to write your own ebook?

Well here’s your chance.

Let’s briefly discuss the payoff for writing, publishing and marketing your own “best-selling” ebook?

First, an ebook creates a stream of “passive income” that can last for months and even years… with no significant operating expenses such as printing, postage, or warehousing!

Second, ebook authors enjoy high profit margins from the outset! Aside from some minor bandwidth and hosting costs, a $29 ebook sale nets the author a lot more than the sale of “traditional” book sold for the same price in an offline bookstore.

Third, an ebook author gets immediate feedback from the market. You don’t have to do a printing run of 5,000 books only to find out the buyers wanted different or additional information.

You can write an ebook, start selling it, and make adjustments, revisions and additions “on the fly” so you can meet the needs and expectations of your audience immediately — without having to wait for the next edition.

Fourth, as an ebook author you get more immediate gratification from your work. Let’s face facts, nobody likes to wait years to see their work in print.

It’s true. with an ebook you can come up with an idea, write the book and have it available to purchase online — sometimes in less than a week!

Let’s take a look at the questions most aspiring e-authors seem to ask.

First — What is an e-book?

An ebook is an electronic file that contains the text, pictures, charts and graphs usually found in a “traditional” book.

eBooks can range in length from 1 page to 200+ pages.

eBooks usually get delivered via a website or email and the buyer then either reads the ebook from their computer screen or prints the material on their computer’s printer.

eBook topics span the same fiction and non-fiction range as traditional books, however one particular type of ebook sells best online.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

The next questions most authors seem to ask goes something like this.

What advice would you give a new e-author or even an established author considering writing an ebook?

Every author must understand that the phrase “best selling author” applies online more so than the offline world.

The key word in the phrase — “selling“!

When you have a book on the shelves of a bookstore you can assure yourself of a certain number of sales. A good cover and visible location in the bookstore mean you have a fighting chance at making sales.

Online, however, everyone exists in a vacuum.

In order to sell your ebook you must first let people know your book is for sale and what specific advantages they will enjoy as a result of purchasing it.

You cannot sit back and expect sales to roll in as a result of just getting a website or listing your ebook for sale in an online bookstore.

A number of proven methods exist for selling large quantities of ebooks in relatively short periods of time, they include:

Joint Ventures
Pay-per-click search engines
Ezine advertising
Ezine articles
Affiliate programs
Online Bookstores
Traditional search engines
Online directories

E-authors must take the time to learn about these marketing methods and determine which ones will give the broadest exposure possible to their target audience. an audience eager to purchase their particular ebook!

Another question we hear frequently sounds like this.

Do you need an agent or a publisher for an e-book?

No, in fact you are usually better off without one!

Successful e-authors almost always act on their own since the steps to market and promote your ebook online don’t require the financial or networking power of a traditional agent or publisher.

E-authors can often make more money much faster by taking their ebook directly to the public rather than trying to take their work through more traditional marketing, production and distribution channels.

The last question virtually all e-authors want to know.

Do I have to be a good “writer” in order to author my own ebook?

Again, the answer may surprise you…

NO, you don’t have to be a good “writer” in order to turn out your own high quality, highly profitable ebook.

If you can talk in a conversational tone to others and communicate your ideas logically — you can write an ebook.

No doubt about it!

So the moral of this story?

If you want to write an outrageously profitable ebook you need to do two things:

1. Learn how to *write it quickly* — and —

2. Learn how to *sell it* online!

Whatever you do, don’t take years to write an ebook, put it on the web and expect to make sales just because it is there!

Once the writing has ceased, a successful e-author switches their hat to that of “online marketer”!

About the Author:

Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards are co-authors of “How to Write and Publish Your Own e-Book in as little as 7 Days.” If you want to know the TOP TEN key reasons e-books always sell, get the book at here. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many successful books to list here