Bitcoin Golden Cross Coming Soon

Bitcoin Golden Cross

Bitcoin Golden Cross is coming!  This is a follow-up to my previous 14 Jun 2021 post on Bitcoin Death Cross where I warned that there is a strong bearish signal for Bitcoin.  Bitcoin subsequently fell on 19 Jun 2021 from high of 63,314 to 29,526 when the death cross signal was formed.

Please see the Yahoo Finance chart below for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Golden Cross

What Is Bitcoin Golden Cross And When Will This Happen?

In the chart above, the SMA-50 is going to cross over SMA-200 trendlines soon.  And when that happen, a golden cross signal is formed.  Historically speaking, a golden cross like this is usually followed by a surge in prices of Bitcoin, meaning traders can start putting in their money in anticipation of the rise.

This is the same metric that was spotted ahead of the Bitcoin rallying in January 2019, January 2020, March 2020 and December 2020.

Looking at the above trend, I estimate this will happen in Sep 2021 window.

How To Use Golden Cross And Death Cross?

A golden cross or death cross can help all types of investors identify entry and exit signals. In the video below, it shows more details on what golden crosses and death crosses are, and how to use them to find entry and exit signals.  This is especially useful for the current situation.

Though this is a strong signal, it is not 100% guarantee.  Hence personally as I am also leveraging on my Price Action Manipulation trading knowledge to gain further insights on this movement. Do perform your own due diligence for this wild volatile ride.

Ok, that’s it. Trade safe!

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