10 things you can learn in 10 minutes that will change your life

Better Life

You’re probably short on time reading this, and I don’t blame you. Life moves fast. It seems impossible to keep up with hundreds of tasks being thrown your way every day, especially at the office.

So here’s a solution: Learn one of these 10 things you can learn in 10 minutes, and you’ll be more productive for the rest of your life.  Have a look of this article here at http://www.businessinsider.com/things-you-can-learn-in-10-minutes-2016-2.

Really powerful stuff.  🙂

You will learn about the following:

The Pomodoro Technique for time management

Technique to improve your average

How to plan ahead correctly

How to clear your mind through meditation

How to improve your memory

How to triple your reading speed

Why taking responsibility helps

How to organise your critical and important tasks

What exercises you need to do

How to properly delegate time blocks for your productivity

Go ahead, read that now.

Below is another related video on Daily Habits of Successful People by one of the “mentor” that I follow closely, Brian Tracy.