10 Free Tools That Will Help In Your Online Business

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These are the top 10 free tools that I found while I was doing my weekend research. You can use today to help in your content creation and online business.

Generally AI is good to replace tedious and repetitive tasks.  In the tools below, they do time-consuming things like profile picture, image resizing or image cleanup, generating logos, presentation maker and copy ads creations.

To have more creativity and personalised creation, you are still better off hiring a designer or at least a design student if you are on a tight budget or you can do this yourself if you are experienced in those fields. Hence, I recommend you use this tools to create your first base (example like logo and slogan) and you modified from there manually.  This will still save your a lot of times versa if you do this from scratch.

The tools cover the following areas:

(0:11) Copy.ai: Use this to write copy ads, blog articles.

(0:52) Beautiful.ai: This is a AI-based presentations maker

(1:23) Hotpot.ai: This is an picture restorer that removes scratches on old photo images

(1:53) Deep-nostalgia: This make animated pictures of a person

(2:30) Pfpmaker: This help to create catchy profile picture

(3:02) Brandmark.io: Create logo and slogan for your brand

(3:45) deep-image.ai: This is an amazing picture enlarger (up to 3x) with good resolution

(4:04) Bigjpg: This offer more options compared to deep-image

(4:25) Lumen5: This is an online marketing video maker. There is a lot of free stock videos

(5:04) Namelix: This help to get a good name and logo for your brand.

To Your Success,
Keith Choy

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